Java is not a language with training wheels. It is a language for professional programmers.

— Hebert Sheildt


Framework is a software which provides an abstraction (hiding implementation details) layer over core technologies. Not just that, it also provides additional functionalities.

Framework Built Over
Struts Servlets,JSP
Hibernate JDBC
Spring Multiple JSE,JEE Technologies


1. The web.xml file of the application is loaded during the server startup.

2. Corresponding Servlet i.e ActionServlet is called.

3. It's init ( ) method takes the <init-parameter> to load the struts-config.xml.

In web.xml

4. ActionServlet calls the process ( ) method of the RequestProcessor class.

5. process ( ) method checks for the appropriate Action class based on the
current request and the struts-config.xml file.

6. Creates/ Recycles Form Bean object.

7. Calls reset ( ) method.

8. Stores Form Bean in the specifies scope. (request/session).

9. Calls setXxx ( ) (i.e setter methods) on the Form Bean object.

10. Calls validate ( ) method. (optional)

11. Calls execute ( ) method of the Action Class.

execute ( ) returns ActionForward object to the RequestProcessor class.

12. Appropriate view is determined in the struts-config.xml file for the ActionForward object.

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